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Run for Local Office

The Upper Providence Republican Party is always looking for excited, local leaders, parents, students, coaches or volunteers to run for political office in Upper Providence and the nearby community. If you're interested in running for Township Council, Rose-Tree Media School Board, or for a Delaware County office (County Council, Sherriff, Constable, Judge of Elections, etc.) please reach out to the Upper Providence Township GOP so we can get the process started. Rest assured - we'll be there every step of the way to help you, because ultimately we all just want to make UPT a great place to live.  The current offices that are up for election are outlined below.

Upper Providence Township Council


The Upper Providence Township Council is composed of 5 elected officials from the 5 voting precincts of UPT. Council decides on almost all important Township matters, including setting the budget, tax rates, trash collection fees, approving or disapproving of land developments and capital projects, writing ordinances and setting Township-wide ambition and goals. Councilmembers are elected to a 4-year term.

In 2024, there is 1 Councill seat up for election in the 5th District.  This election is to fill the remaining term (1 year) for the former Councilperson who resigned in 2023.  This seat will be up for re-election in 2025 for a full 4-year term.  Currently, the 5th District is the northwest portion of the Township above the bypass, (extending up 252 and Providence Road to the Township border at Gradyville Road).  

If you live in the 5th District and have a desire to run for Township Council, please contact us today! We'll meet with you, discuss the details of running and work with you to get the ball running before the election day 2024!

Upper Providence Township Republican Committee


The Upper Providence Township Republican Committee has 10 positions up for election in the May 2024 primary.  Each District in the township will elect 2 people - a committee woman and a committee man - to represent them on the UP GOP Republican Committee.  We rely on our Committee to make sure the GOP voice is heard in our Township and beyond.   Responsibilities include working at the polls on election day to greet voters, welcoming new neighbors to the community, and keeping residents abreast of developments in the Township.


We are currently looking for candidates to run for committee people in the 5th district. We have 6 candidates who are running for reelection and two who are running for appointment: 

Kristen Gorman - Committeewoman - 1st District (reelection)
Anthony Caruso - Committeeman - 1st District (reelection)

Liz Piazza - Committeewoman - 2nd District
Walt Meyers - Committeeman - 2nd District (reelection)

Deb Truscello - Committeewoman - 3rd District
David Thomas - Committeeman - 3rd District (reelection)
Allaire Moran - Committeewoman - 4th District (reelection)
Justin Perry - Committeeman - 4th District (reelection)

If you are interested in any of the positions above, please email the UP GOP Committee at as soon as possible.

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