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Who We Are

The Upper Providence Township Republican Party is composed of local volunteers with a keen interest in keeping Upper Providence the prosperous, safe and family-friendly community that it has been for decades.


Our concerns are not rooted in national politics or issues, but rather local affairs, such as keeping property taxes low, our police force well-funded, and Upper Providence the fantastic community that we know it is. 

We'd love to discuss the issues with anyone, and if you want to get involved we're always an email away.

Upper Providence Republican Executive Committee

UPT GOP Chair:

Ray Wilson

If you'd like to reach out to the committeeperson from your District, you can find contact detail on the Contact Us page.


Are you interested in becoming a committeeperson? Want more detail about what that entails? Want to get involved, but see that your district is already filled? Learn more details about the roles and responsibilities, and alternate positions available in the UPT Committee on this page.

Our Upper Providence Candidates

Check back in to meet our Council Candidate for the 5th District! 

If you're interested in running, please email us ( or use the contact form.

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