The issues statewide in 2022

The 2022 Midterm elections are far more than just a chance to install a check and balance on the legislative branch (albeit, that is a critical part of the 2022 elections). More important than that, the 2022 elections give PA voters a chance to have a true, profound impact on the shape of our Commonwealth for years to come. Below are some of the most important policy issues that can be decided at the ballot box in November 2022.

School choice - it's been a buzz topic for years, but school choice is now, more than ever, on the forefront of voters' minds in the 2022 election cycle. If you haven't heard of school choice before, the general principle is that rather than having taxpayers pay local property tax that goes to their local school district where your child may attend school for "free", parents would instead receive a stipend equivalent to their property taxes that they could use to send their child to any school in the Commonwealth (be it public, private, charter, parochial, or other). This option is becoming critically important as School Board members and teachers ignore the will of parents and infuse politics into the classrooms and decision-making process more than ever. School choice returns the power to the parents - where it should be - and allows parents to decide what is best for their child. Of all the key policies that may be decided in 2022, none may be more impactful than school choice. If you want to understand a bit more about school choice, we'll link some helpful videos here (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3).

Inflation and current recession - We have all noticed the rampant inflation and economic turmoil these past few months. As we reach CPI increases not seen since the 1970s and enter a now-confirmed recession, it's time to elect representatives that will prevent irresponsible spending bills that print billions, if not trillions, to add to the stockpile of inflation fuel (just recently, Congressional Democrats unanimously passed another $800 billion spending bill and President Biden printed trillions to forgive student loans). We must get inflation under control, and fiscally responsible representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate will help.

Energy policy and RGGI - Pennsylvania and the United States are fortunate to have enough natural gas to satisfy our energy demand for decades. PA can and should be a leader of energy production, an industry that could bring thousands of high-paying jobs to our state and revitalize our struggling economy. Furthermore, Governor Wolf, without approval of the Legislature, has added PA to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program that puts carbon caps on energy companies in PA. The Democrat candidate for Governor signed off on this decision in his capacity as AG, which means that whether or not PA remains in RGGI will be decided by this election. Why care about RGGI? Ultimately, the cost will belong to us. Utility companies have stated on record that they will pass the cost of these carbon taxes onto consumers, and that our energy bills will increase up to 30%. In this economy, that's the last thing Pennsylvanians need.


Crime - Homicide and violent crime rates are surging across the US and PA right now, with no end in sight. Philadelphia is on pace to set another grim record for murders, and crime keeps creeping in to our neighborhood, with murders and property crimes rising right here in the Mid-County. We need to be tougher on crime, enforce the laws on the books and stop the madness of releasing criminals with weak plea deals, and we know the GOP will get that done.

Election security - A recent poll found that only 28% of Republicans and 42% of Independents are confident that PA has fair and secure elections. Sadly, political tribalism and Tom Wolf’s veto pen have prevented any legitimate reform. We need a Governor that works with the Legislature to enact widely supported election reform (like Voter ID) to restore confidence amongst voters.

What's the big deal with local politics?

When you think "politics", you probably think of national or statewide elected officials that get the screen time and attention on cable news networks and in newspapers. However, to us politics is much more than that. While national and statewide officials do control a lot of the policy decisions in our communities, our local leaders can set extremely relevant policy here at home.


Local property taxes, earned income taxes, police and public safety spending, school district curriculum, decisions about parks, roads and the township budget: these are all policy issues that our local elections decide. We want to ensure that Upper Providence Township stays the safe, prosperous and family-first community that it has been for decades, and local politics have a big say in that matter.

The issues here in Upper Providence and Delaware County

As discussed above, there are several key issues and policy decisions at the local level that we are focused on specifically in the Upper Providence Republican Party:

Local taxes - Taxes are a necessary evil. We need to pave roads, repair pipes and maintain a great police force. However, the UPT GOP will always stand by staunch fiscal conservatism - we believe that the residents of this Township work too hard and pay too much tax to the Federal and State governments already. The Township budget should reflect conservative spending and widely supported projects and public works, not pet projects and silly expenditures that will drive property taxes and earned income taxes up for minimal benefit.

Police and public safety - Upper Providence Township has been rated one of the safest places to live in the entire country for the better part of 30 years under UPT GOP leadership. We're extremely proud of this feat. When families move to Upper Providence, they do so very often because of our outstanding public safety record. One thing we'll never waver on is supporting and funding our police and public safety efforts in the Township; and we've done so even in the face of calls to reduce funding in recent years.

School curriculum - Parents deserve the final say in what their children are learning in the schools that their taxes pay for. Too often, lately, we have seen school board officials voice opinions that they are not beholden to the taxpayers, voters and residents of their school district. The UPT GOP firmly believes that is wrong - school board officials must always listen to the will of the parents they were elected to represent, and the UPT GOP will always endorse candidates to do just that. You deserve the final say in what your children learn.

Preservation - As the population of the metropolitan area increases, so too does the pressure to develop and add housing to Upper Providence and the surrounding areas. While we love to add neighbors and business to our community, we'll always remain focused on keeping Upper Providence the family-first, green area that we fell in love with. The UPT GOP has always been dedicated to conserving open-space (such as the purchase of the Lavin Tract) and we intend to keep Upper Providence the open, green community we love.

Getting Things Done - Above all else, we need local leaders that get things done for us. When PA-252 needed to be widened and made safer to support traffic flow, UPT GOP leadership got it done. When a large parcel of land in the heart of the Township went up for sale, UPT GOP leadership got the deal done to conserve open-space. When the Township needed a massive overhaul to its public works and sewer systems, again, UPT GOP leadership got the job done. We nominate and elect great leaders, because that's who we need going to bat for us.