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Becoming a UPT GOP Subcommittee Volunteer

We can always use helping hands in the UPT GOP - and if you don't want the responsibility of being a formally elected Committeeperson, but you do want to make a profound difference, becoming a subcommittee volunteer may be the perfect job for you (this website was designed and created by subcommittee volunteers, for instance). Below, we'll list the subcommittees with a high level overview of their purpose. If any intrigue you, please email us and we'd be happy to get you looped in.

Social and Communications - responsible for maintaining social media outreach as well as the UPT GOP newsletter and website. Always looking for creative people with an eye for graphic design, website design, SEO and wordsmithing.

Voter Outreach - responsible for door to door voter outreach, mail in ballot initiatives, voter registration and outreach materials for each election cycle. Also responsible partly for election day poll staffing and voter engagement. Possibly the most important role in local politics, and could always use more volunteers.

Fundraising and Event Planning - responsible for planning UPT GOP events to gather neighbors together to discuss the issues, meet the candidates and enjoy some well deserved down time.

Volunteer and Candidate Coordination - responsible for identifying volunteers and potential candidates, and helping them to get up to speed, comfortable and engaged with the UPT GOP.

Becoming a UPT GOP Committeeperson

The Upper Providence GOP has 10 positions available for committeeperson, 2 people from each district / precinct in the Township. These positions are officially elected positions, filled during Primary elections in Presidential election years. However, positions can be filled at any time via appointment to fill vacancies as necessary.

If you are interested in serving as a Committeeperson, simply email us and we'd be happy to touch base on the logistics surrounding the election. Please rest assured, it's not an overbearing process, so please don't let it perturb you. Plus, you get the added perk of saying you won an election!

If the Primary election has passed and a vacancy remains, you can still email us as vacancies can be filled by appointment of registered Republicans.

Finally, if you want to get involved with the UPT GOP Committee, but you see that your district already has 2 representatives, don't worry - the UPT GOP has several junior committeepersons that serve in the same roles and responsibilities as the elected or appointed committeepersons, so again just email us and we'd be happy to get you involved.

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