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Polling Places by Precinct

District 1: PA Institute of Technology,  800 Manchester Ave.

District 2: UPT District Court Building,  939 N. Providence Rd.

District 3: Rose Tree Elementary,  1101 First Ave. (gymnasium)*

District 4: Reformation Lutheran Church,  102 W. Rose Tree Rd. (basement rear)*

District 5: Springton Lake Middle School,  1900 N. Providence Rd. (swimming pool rear)*

*Alert: 2nd District Voters, your voting location has changed for the November 2023 election. You will vote WITH the 3rd District at Rose Tree Elementary School.

Don't Know Your District?

To find your polling location, please use this simple tool, provided by the PA Department of State.


Or, you can use the Interactive Map below from the Delaware County Board of Elections to find your in-person polling location. Simply search for your address in the panel on the left, or click your house on the map on the right.

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