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About endorsed candidates

The Upper Providence Republican Party will endorse candidates for local office, particularly Upper Providence Council, during the Local and Judicial election cycles. You can find those candidates below in those election years (check back in 2023).

Sometimes we may endorse candidates for other local elections (County-wide) or some statewide elections. If so, those candidates will also be below along with our rationale.

More regularly, the UPT GOP will send out an email before elections with a list of candidates on the ballot, what their platform is and other important notes (without a formal endorsement). If you're interested in receiving that email with a detailed list of candidates in primary and general elections, please sign up for our mailing list.

Our Upper Providence Candidates

Check back in 2023 for our candidates in Districts 2 and 4! 

If you're considering running, contact us now!

Endorsed Candidates 2023

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