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Chuck Ferraro - 2nd District UPT Council

A 16-year resident of the 2nd District in Upper Providence, Chuck Ferraro is running for office to get UPT back on the right track. Chuck, a 32 year employee of the Postal Service, whose daily route encompassed much of the 2nd District, is a member of the Nativity BVM Parish and a former volunteer CYO and swim coach in Collingdale and Aldan.

He and his wife Donna, who is a volunteer at the Rose Tree Fire Company, have been married for almost 50 years and are community pillars. Chuck and Donna are grandparents to 4 grandchildren that love visiting Upper Providence Township.

Chuck is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, something we all see as critically important as the current Council continues to raise our taxes and fees with nothing to show for it. Chuck promises that he will put forth every effort to use your hard earned tax dollars wisely and efficiently, to be 100% transparent, and to keep Upper Providence a great place to live and raise your family.

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