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Allaire Moran - 4th District UPT Council

Allaire Moran graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors in Political Science. She’s spent her professional life working in data analytics, logistics coordination and small business management; all of which have put to use her drive for efficiency and practicality, traits she will bring to township leadership.


Allaire is passionate about civic engagement. Currently the committee woman for Upper Providence District 4 and serving as election board minority inspector, Allaire believes in the importance of citizens expressing their opinions and their right to be heard by leadership. She believes that two heads are better than one but an entire community is even better. 


A graduate of the Ann Anstine Excellence in Public Service Leadership Series, Allaire has put her knowledge to use by helping local candidates develop plans for good governance and constantly looks for opportunities to remove waste and inefficiency in our political structures.


In her free time, Allaire teaches Sunday School to 6th graders at St. Colman's Church in Ardmore, volunteers at The Saturday Club, a women's organization focused on helping charities serving women and children in need and is the Flotilla Commander of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary for Penn's Landing.


Allaire Moran is committed to serving our neighbors in Upper Providence and will fight to keep our taxes low without sacrificing service. We’ll be in good hands with Moran!

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